Your skin and the ageing process

As we get older our skin will lose its elasticity. The epidermis starts to thin and wrinkles start to form; it’s less able to protect itself as environmental factors like the sun, gravity and lifestyle does its work on breaking down the collagen and elastin. Lips get thinner, there’s fat loss around the temples and in our tear troughs that makes us look older. That’s just the start… It can seem like a battle you cannot win

Ageing doesn’t have to be hard work

And yes, we all age, it’s inevitable, but how we do it can be up to us. We can let the ravages of time take their effect and accept it, or we can do something to help slow it down a little. It won’t stop nature taking its course, but it will make ageing that bit less daunting, helping to give you confidence in your appearance. Beauty isn’t all about what’s on the outside, but we do believe that if you feel good about yourself on the outside, it’ll help you to feel good on the inside. Taking care of your skin and helping it to look it’s best will give you a confidence boost like no other.