It's All About Our Story

UTH Aesthetics Ltd is part of the CST Group of companies, a UK Pharmaceutical company established in 2001. The group are a key industry supplier to major pharmacy groups, wholesalers and NHS Trusts in England and Wales.

UTH is the culmination of 18 years of research. This long and trusted pedigree and history gives you confidence that UTH is a brand you can trust. The expert-led team wanted to create a dermal filler range that is second to none when it comes to quality and safety, while also being competitively priced.

The collection of four products has been created to target deep set wrinkles, fine lines, hydrate skin and perform tissue augmentation, volume and facial contouring.

The product ingredients are unrivalled in their quality and its glass syringe delivery system guarantees no plastic contamination of hyaluronic acid.

UTH is set to be the go-to brand for both aesthetics practitioners and consumers alike, mirroring the success of products within other cosmetics markets that, to date, hasn’t been emulated within the fillers market. 

The UTH range is open to all, with very competitive pricing, so when it comes to thinking about dermal filler, we want people to think of UTH.

UTH’s products are already gaining attention from the experts.

Dr Martyn King, GMC registered doctor, internationally accredited and award-winning aesthetics expert, ACE Medical Director and Vice Chair of the JCCP spoke about UTH: “As lockdown begins to ease and we can all get back to practicing, it’s the perfect time to launch a product of this nature.

“UTH provides aesthetic practitioners with everything they need in its range to deliver safe, effective and long-lasting results across the mirage of patient needs.

“Safety is such a huge part of my many roles in the aesthetics sector and I believe that the science, technology, cross-linking and the use of a glass syringe will reassure practitioners of the safety and effectiveness of the UTH range. I will certainly be using the four products in my clinic.”

UTH has launched with four products in its range, all made from the highest quality raw hyaluronic acid material to improve product viscosity and produce less side effects. It also offers improved biocompatibility with pH and Osmotic Pressure levels in synergy with the human body. The collection comprises of: Hydrate, Fine, Deep and Sub-Q.

It's All About Our Story

UTH Aesthetics Ltd is part if the CST group of companies who supply Tesco Pharmacy, Superdrug, Boots and most of the NHS trusts across England & Wales with pharmaceuticals. In short we are a brand you can trust.

Set up in 2018, UTH’s mission was to develop a ground breaking range of monophasic dermal fillers designed to be 4 things:-

Best in class
in safety
Easy to
Offer Outstanding

UTH Dermal Fillers are also CE marked, for your safety and peace of mind.

UTH is a UK company with a manufacturing plant in South Korea, the world leader in the development and production of HA based dermal fillers.

As part of CST group of companies we operate GDP (good distribution practice) under the MHRA licence guidelines.


SUB-Q 04

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