Zoey Stirrett, 47

UTH Product: UTH DEEP | UTH Fine | UTH Sub Q

Treatment Area: Tear Troughs, Temple Hollows, Lip Augmentation, Marionette Lines

“Being a make-up artist, I do notice the flaws on my face, perhaps more than others do.”

Zoey Stirett spends her life making others look and feel the best they can, through her work as a make-up artist. Yet as she approached her late forties, she began to notice flaws in her own appearance caused by the onset of age. Working within the beauty industry, Zoe was well aware of how dermal filler can be used to achieve a more youthful look. It was something she always wanted to try but she was sceptical of how much difference it would make. Here she shares the highlights of her journey.

Zoey said: “I’m 47, so ageing was starting to take place.  I had a few lines and some sinking around the eyes.

“Being a make-up artist, I do notice the changes in my face, perhaps more than others do. And where I know how to correct certain problems that make the face look older, there are some signs of ageing that make up cannot cover. Lines and hollowing out of the face can be made to appear less prominent, but the only way to get rid of them totally is through a non-cosmetic or cosmetic procedure.

“Getting dermal filler is something I’ve always wanted to get done and I was a little bit sceptical to begin with as I’ve never had anything like that done before.

“I didn’t want to look completely different. I didn’t want to look like I’ve had loads of work done, I just wanted to look a little bit younger, a bit fresher and to smooth the lines out.

“The practitioner advised that I should have some filler in my temple area because that’s dipping slightly, then some under my eyes to get rid of the dark circles and make me look a little bit more fresh and brighter. Then a little bit in my smiling/laughing lines just to smooth out the wrinkles. Then finally a little bit of filler in my lips as well to maintain the shape and fullness.

“It has changed my life actually.”

“It’s been absolutely brilliant; I’ve loved every minute of it. I would literally have it done again in a heartbeat. I feel ten years younger! But not in a fake, overdone kind of way. It looks really natural. My skin feels fresher, I feel great!

“Other people have noticed too. I went into work and had my mask on, when I took it down all the girls were like ‘wow’ you can really see the difference. They all said it has been done so subtly that I look a lot fresher. My face looks more plumped up and I don’t look like I’ve had loads of work done so it’s exactly how I asked for…I couldn’t ask for more.

“It has changed my life actually.

“My best friend who is really critical said she would be really honest with me. And she just said, ‘Wow! that is amazing’. Now she has asked me for the details, and she’s going to go and get some work done herself.

“I’m absolutely going to get it done again and I would recommend it to anyone else.

Zoey’s Treatment Plan

Zoey was treated with 0.55ml of UTH Sub Q per for the temple hollows on either side. She had 0.5ml of UTH Deep in the tear trough are on each side and the remaining 0.6mls was used in marionette lines. 1ml of UTH Fine was used for lip augmentation, in the border and body of the lip.

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