Lindi Mngaza, 36


Treatment Area: Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

“I wanted more definition to my nose, but I didn’t want to have plastic surgery.”

Lindi Mngaza is a company director from Birmingham. At 36, Lindi had maintained her youthful looks but used make up and contouring each day to change the appearance of her nose. Her make up routine was time consuming and Lindi felt it was not really giving her the results she wanted. So, when she heard about non-surgical rhinoplasty using dermal filler, Lindi decided to investigate the procedure and whether it could work for her.

“The shape of my nose has always bothered me. I used to look in the mirror and think I wish my nose was straighter and that I wanted more definition to my nose, but I didn’t want to have plastic surgery. I heard about UTH dermal filler and how it can be used for non-surgical rhinoplasty, through my job running a social media agency. We have to have our ears to the ground in the sectors our clients operate in, and a few years ago, we noticed more and more noise around the non-surgical nose job as a growing trend.

“I currently use highlighter when I get ready in the morning and my thought process was that by having filler down the centre of my nose, it would give me a straighter nose, therefore being able to wear less make up. I looked into it more and since then I’ve been really keen to try it to see if it could give me the results I wanted. As well as cutting down on the time I spend doing my make up each morning.”

“It has definitely made me want to work on improving more things.”

“I’ve never had anything done before, so it was quite nerve-wracking but exciting at the same time.

“Since the treatment, I’ve been absolutely fine. I’ve been living my life as normal and had no pain or side effects at all.

“When I had the treatment done, my partner was present, and he noticed a positive change instantaneously. I also went to a party afterwards and a couple of my friends said: ‘Oh have you done something?’ But they couldn’t quite work out what the change was.

“What I didn’t want, was people looking at me and saying, ‘oh she’s lost the plot, she’s had too much work done.’ It was done very tastefully and in a nice way that made me look better but without being over the top.

“I’m a naturally confident person but it’s definitely made me want to work on improving other things. Now I know that you’re able to have dermal filler to change the shape of your features and it can be done really tastefully and look fabulous, it’s definitely given me an appetite to try more.

“All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it. UTH is a fabulous product and I’m very happy with the results.”

Lindi’s Treatment Plan

0.3ml of UTH Deep was injected directly onto the periosteum to give a straighter dorsum of the nose and sculpting to raise the central portion.

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