Caron Melville, 53


Treatment Area: Tear Trough | Marionette Lines | Nasolabial Folds | Jowls

“I wondered, should I have started having cosmetic procedures sooner? At what point can you never look like you used to look?”

Caron Melville is a 53-year-old company director from Bristol. As she entered her mid to late forties, Caron began to dislike looking at photos of herself. She had developed deep-set frown lines and the shape of her face had changed over time, which she felt made her look tired and older than her years. She decided to try dermal fillers as a way of helping her to look and feel like her old self again.

“It was as I crept closer to 50 that I started to really notice a difference in the way I looked,” begins Caron. “I started having Botox a few years ago and that helped with the formation of wrinkles, but it was the shape of my face that was changing. My cheeks were less full and my jawline much less defined than it was.

“I just wanted to look like myself again!”

“I wanted to reduce a bit of the ageing process that I’m subject to at the moment and gain a fresher, more youthful look. The clinician advised that I could go with some filler around the cheek area to get rid of some lines and plump out that area a little bit. Then also have some around the jowls to create a smoother jawline.

“I just want to look like myself again. I wanted to regain the shape of my face and then keep up the work. It looks fantastic. I wondered, should I have started having cosmetic procedures sooner? At what point can you never look like you used to look? But the results are phenomenal. Clearly, it’s never too late!

“I’ve had no problems whatsoever. There was some slight puffiness to begin with but that went down after a couple of days and since then it looks and feels great.

“I put a picture on Facebook of my husband and myself and one of my friends from 30 years ago commented saying, how come you just keep getting younger? So, people have noticed a difference but without necessarily knowing I’ve had work done which is great.

“It’s one of those things that you go out and you feel good. It provides that inner confidence. You feel like you’re looking good, so it automatically translates as confidence, when you’re just walking around or at the gym or anywhere else really.

“When I start to see things fade a little bit, I’ll be booking myself back in straight away!”

Caron’s Treatment Plan

Caron’s practitioner used 0.2ml of UTH Deep on each side of the face, treating the pre-jowl sulcus very deep into facial tissue. This really filled out the area and gave an even shape around the jaw area. Caron’s marionette lines were treated with 0.8ml of UTH Deep to plump out the area and erase lines that have formed here over time. A remaining 2ml of UTH Deep was applied to the nasolabial folds (0.7ml) with 1.3ml used in the midface, tear trough and mid cheek areas.

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