Adam Parsons, 53


Treatment Area: Lips | Cheeks | Chin

“I have spent my life partying, having too much sun and too many late nights.”

Jewellery dealer, Adam Parsons has led a lavish lifestyle and indulged in his fair share of sunshine, late nights, alcohol, and cigarettes over the years, which now at 53, has naturally started to have an effect on how his skin has aged.

Despite working and playing hard, single dad Adam has always taken care of his appearance, having had regular facials since the age of 23 and previously tried Botox. However, he had noticed smokers’ lip was visibly setting in, so he felt the time was right to try dermal filler in an attempt to restore his youthful looks.

“All my life I have been conscious of what I look like,” begins Adam, “I’m quite into grooming and looking after my skin, I’ve had regular facials since my early twenties.

“I wouldn’t say there was anything that I drastically wanted to change, but when you burn the candle at both ends as I have, eventually that’s going to have an impact on the way you look.

“I have spent my life partying, having too much sun and too many late nights. I had some sagging around my jaw area, one or two wrinkles and my smokers’ lip was becoming quite prominent. It kind of dipped in the middle, so I wanted to get that back to normal.

“People don’t quite believe that I’m 50!”

“Since having dermal filler, everyone has said how ‘well’ I look rather than asking if I’ve had work done.

“It’s definitely done all the right things for me. I get quite a few compliments and a lot of people saying I look good for my age. People don’t quite believe that I’m 50, so that’s quite cool. People seem to think I’m in my middle to late forties.

“I’m quite open about having work done – I live a lavish lifestyle and taking care of my appearance is just one part of that.”

“I’ve got children, my oldest is 34 and my youngest is 18, and a few people have said how they can’t quite believe that.

“I would absolutely do it again, without a doubt. It has worked 100%.”

Adam’s Treatment Plan

Adam’s lower face was treated with 0.2ml of UTH Deep into the prejowl sulcus, the area on each side of the chin where jowls often develop. The marionette lines and lower face region were treated with 0.3ml of UTH deep, applied in linear threads. Definition and volume were created with 0.6ml of UTH fine in the upper lip area.

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