Christmas Party Preparation: 8 Weeks To Go

When it gets to two months before the festive frolics begin it’s time to focus on your face and neck areas.

If you’re open to ‘tweakments’ then it’s prime time to get your deeper dermal fillers underway. Ironing out any wrinkles and fine lines now will make your skin look refreshed come party time. UTH is the new dermal filler on the block that experts and patients alike are raving about due to its ingenious make-up and lack of nasties.

This year it’s also on trend to not just stick to your face when it comes to non-surgical injection-based treatments. Experts are seeing a real rise in individuals also focusing on their necks, as it can be a real age giveaway area. You can get dermal filler and or BOTOX in and around your neck to help with signs of ageing. You can also opt for a lighter injection-based treatment with the previously mentioned Skin Hydrators – working equally as well on the décolletage.

Dermal filler treatments start from about £250 per area and it’s advised you always do you research when looking for an aesthetics practitioner. Seeking someone who is medically trained and has a wealth of experience in that specific treatment is best and is preferably a member of an organisation such as ACE Group, JCCP, BACN or BCAM.