Christmas Party Preparation: 6 Weeks To Go

Your skin is going to take one for the team as you indulge in drinking and eating too much and slacking on sleep. To help prepare your skin and delay the effects of dark circles and dullness it’s a perfect time to now book in some skin peels.

There’s many a beautiful thing about peels: They can essentially address any and every complexion concern. Stressing over spots? A peel can help even your skin tone. Worried about wrinkles? Some peels have anti-aging benefits. Waging a battle against blemishes? Clear up pimples with a peel. Peels can sound aggressive but if you’re in the right hands they can perform miracles. Prices normally start around £60 per treatment, with a course often the best option. Your clinician can guide you to which one is best for your skin type and issues.

If you don’t have the cash to go to a professional, then there are many at-home options.

It’s also a really good time to focus on your eyes. The under-eye area can lose volume, become hollow and the skin can become thinner as we get older, making the face appear drawn, tired and gaunt. As well as this, some will develop bags and discolouration under the eye too, adding to the aged appearance. If you feel you constantly look tired – then tear trough treatments with dermal filler can work wonders. Tear trough treatments do come with a higher risk factor and is more of a speciality treatment for a practitioner – but it can give dramatic results. Prices start from £350 and again picking an experienced and accredited aesthetics expert is a must.

Hair colour and cut: This needs to be booked ASAP as hairdressers become harder to get into the closer you get to Christmas. Also, when you’re in the chair ask about curling techniques, an updo and any tips on preventing a greasy situ post night out. Hairdressers are a font of hair knowledge above and beyond hair dye and cuts.