Christmas Party Preparation: 4 Weeks to Go

I think you’d be hard pushed to find anyone that hasn’t heard of Botox and its wondrous abilities to erase wrinkles over time. A month to go is the best time to be Botox’ed as it takes about two weeks to see the full effect of undergoing this treatment. Botox can be used in multiple areas of the face and neck to achieve a younger-looking smoother complexion. Treatment costs can vary from about £250 – £350 depending on the clinic and the area being treated.

If you want to have a fuller lip ahead of puckering up under the mistletoe this year, then again, a month to go is a great time to undergo lip augmentation treatment. Don’t worry the trend right now when it comes to lips is swaying away from ‘trout pout’ and leaning more towards ‘au natural’ – and any specialist worth their salt won’t over-do the volume. Having your lips filled with dermal filler does comes with risks attached and needs to be a considered purchase, as well as time given to picking the perfect pout practitioner. Costs start from around £250 and swelling / bruising is a common occurrence for a few days post treatment.

Lastly, another age giveaway area can be your hands. Hands are exposed to the elements; we wash them more than any other part of the body and they are often neglected when it comes to skincare and procedures. The aesthetics industry has seen a rise in people opting to use dermal filler to turn back the hands of time, quite literally! Treating the hands is no different to any other area of the face when it comes to dermal filler. Four weeks out gives enough time for any temporary swelling to subside. Prices start from around £250 per hand.