30-Minute Treatment Helps Mum Roll Back The Years

30-minute treatment helps mum of three roll back the years, with the public now saying she looks 14 years younger

A married mum of three who lost her confidence during the pandemic and struggled with her ageing appearance is now unrecognisable after seeking non-surgical aesthetic treatment.

Caron, 53, from Bristol, aged quicker than she hoped after years of juggling a successful career and raising her three children. She had developed deep-set frown lines and the shape of her face had also changed dramatically. After the pressure of the pandemic and turning 53, she decided to try and turn back time with the help of an aesthetics expert and a new dermal filler product.

Before her makeover, a public poll on the popular Guess My Age website, put Caron’s age at 54, a year older than she is, but with thanks to help from Dr Martyn King, an internationally accredited and award-winning aesthetics expert and the UTH range, a second poll has now guessed her to be 40.

Before her transformation, Caron explained: “It was as I crept closer to 50 that I started to really notice a difference in the way I looked. I started having Botox a few years ago and that helped with the formation of my wrinkles, but it was the shape of my face that was changing. My cheeks were less full and my jawline much less defined than it was. I was then unhappy with how I looked, and I began to dislike looking at photos of myself.

“This carried on all the way up to my 53rd birthday when I thought, enough is enough, I want to feel a little more like me again. I knew of Dr King and his extensive background in aesthetics, and I trusted he could make me look as I wanted to – like me but ten years ago.

“I didn’t want to look different, or like someone else, just a better, less tired, healthier looking version of myself. After discussing my treatment plan, I couldn’t wait to get underway.”

Continually worried about her ageing looks, she met with Dr King who hoped he could help get Caron smiling again on the outside and the inside.

Using dermal filler on Caron’s jowls, cheeks, lines around her mouth and under eye area, Dr King explained that Caron’s treatment is quite usual for women of her age: “We often see women who are around fifty years old coming into clinic for the first time. Patients who are perimenopausal or menopausal can quickly and quite dramatically experience changes in their appearance and suddenly get the overwhelming feeling that ‘they’re old’.

“The changes experienced in and around this age group are not confined to one area of the appearance, volume is lost, but most people will say they feel everything has drooped or ‘gone south’ and quite suddenly. Jowls are a big feature in many of the conversations I have with this age group, and it rang true with Caron.

“Caron’s treatment plan was unique to her but covered most of the areas that women of this age require. I am so pleased that Caron is thrilled with her results. I will always look to achieve something natural. Many of my clients say their friend’s comment “oh wow you look well” rather than “what work have you had done”.

Overwhelmed with her results and newfound age, Caron gushed: “I am thrilled with the results, I feel like I look better personally, and people had been saying to me that I looked great, but I was intrigued, wondering just how much younger I actually looked.

“I had heard of the website and thought why not, maybe my friends are just being nice! Seemingly not. The fact I have lost fourteen years is just remarkable. More than anything, I feel like me again and that’s priceless.’

Caron’s treatment plan

Dr King used 0.2ml of UTH Deep on each side of the face, treating the pre-jowl sulcus very deep into facial tissue. This really filled out the area and gave an even shape around the jaw area. Caron’s marionette lines were treated with 0.8ml of UTH Deep to plump out the area and erase lines that have formed here over time. A remaining 2ml of UTH Deep was applied to the nasolabial folds with 1.3ml used in the midface, tear trough and midcheek areas.